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Tipping Over

A while ago tipping points were all the rage. Malcolm Gladwell’s book had captured the public imagination and points were to be seen tipping all over the place. I was reminded of this when I saw in our recent survey  that 24% of MEPs write a blog. My first reaction was, is that all? Here is an ideal way of reaching out to the European citizen, particularly the young, the majority of whom are not going to bother voting in the forthcoming election. Here is a way of personalizing the seemingly impersonal European Parliament and of bridging the democratic deficit. Why would an MEP not do a blog?

I suspect the answer to this is more apathy than antipathy, but I also expect the elections to be a digital tipping point. The world of politics was galvanized by Obama’s use of social media in his winning campaign and many of the new MEPs will have used similar techniques as they sought election. They will understand the technology, appreciate its ease of use, and be comfortably in the posting rhythm. Politicians are herd animals at heart and it won’t take long for an MEP not blogging (or tweeting) to be considered a digi-dinosaur. And nobody would want that.

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Do you struggle to find plain English explanations of the net?

Sometimes even we struggle for plain, easy to understand words to explain the basic concepts and tools of the internet, let alone how they can be used in a public affairs context…we know, it’s hard to believe isn’t it?

Thankfully help is at hand. Our monthly internal knowledge sharing lunch, or “Click & Tell” as we call it, unearthed a site called Commoncraft, which is full of informative videos that explain the basics of web 2.0. in plain English. There are a whole series of videos, including this one on social media. Enjoy.

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June 10, 2008 at 9:52 am 2 comments

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