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Brussels buzz words: the “FH tech spotlight”

Just like at national level, Brussels policy-makers and the wider stakeholder community regularly come up with “buzz words” – new jargon that outlines a crucial area that is grabbing the attention of the Brussels “bubble” at a specific point in time.

In the ICT space, we have over the last few years witnessed particular excitement around issues such as online content, eHealth, privacy, cloud computing, green ICT, and most recently the European Citizen’s Initiative.

In this time, in the FH Brussels technology team, we have looked at these areas, analysed EU policy and the regulatory environment around them, and identified threats and opportunities for business in Europe and beyond. Our thinking on these issues has been collated in a series of “FH tech spotlight” reports.

Click on the links below to read each one and let us know if you have suggestions for further reports! We are always looking for new ideas.


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Cloud Computing – ICT’s New Frontier

Cloud computing is one of the most exciting developments in the IT world. Broadly defined as internet-based on-demand computing, the benefits of cloud computing to businesses and governments are unprecedented. The market value of cloud computing in terms of cost savings, efficiency increase for customers and market gains for cloud service are already worth billions of euro and will only continue to grow.  It is therefore no surprise that the world’s largest ICT and technology companies are allocating significant resources in their cloud capabilities, investing in new and massive data centres, developing new forms of cloud services and establishing new business models.  However, despite the rapid growth of cloud computing, the market remains nascent and there are still numerous technical and regulatory challenges that need to be addressed in Europe before cloud computing can develop into a fully mature market.

Fleishman-Hillard has published a paper that offers a snapshot of the regulatory challenges that face both providers and users of cloud services in Europe and that business need to be aware of as they expand into this new frontier. Click here to read our latest tech spotlight on cloud computing.


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The EU’s Digital upgrade: European Digital Agenda!

The European Commission has finally published its anxiously awaited European Digital Agenda, or “EDA” to add a further official acronym to the alphabet soup of the EU. During the past few months the European Parliament, Council, consumer groups and industry have all been frantically busy drafting and presenting their recommendations and advice as to how the final document should look.  Well, the framework programme is finally here and  given the importance of this document, it’s worth taking a few minutes to take a closer look at what it actually says.  After all,  this framework will be the ICT’s contribution to Europe 2020 and  will shape EU policy in the area for at least the next 5 years.

All in all, the document ceremoniously presented by the Commission met the general expectations. From a political observer’s perspective, the framework has taken a good middle ground and has been carefully worded so as not to overly offend the extreme positions on most of the contentious issues a stake, i.e. copyright aka Intellectual Property Rights and net neutrality.  The framework paints a vision of an interoperable, trustworthy digital environment, where digital goods and services can move freely throughout the market and that all levels of society can truly benefit from the technologies that are out there.  It tackles this vision by addressing Europe’s infrastructure (100% broadband deployment), legal regime (copyright) and technical specifications (standardization).


The Commission has essentially identified the most important areas in the sector. The art now will be to deliver a coherent and complementary implementation of all priority areas to ensure that Europe benefits  from the “sustainable economic and social benefits from a digital single market based on fast and ultra fast internet and interoperable applications.”   Europe must not be tempted to address the various priorities as isolated areas independent of each other. This won’t be an easy task, because as it happens, the devil tends to be in the detail. As the framework begins to be translated into concrete deliverables we are likely to see the various old conflicting interests emerge. Europe must look beyond specific commercial interests and national egos to avoid being trapped in , on all levels, a fragmented ICT market.

Europe should see the EDA as a fresh start, a tabula rasa where new and practical ideas can develop to ensure that citizens across Europe can enjoy the full benefits of innovative technologies and services on an equal footing, at last catapulting Europe into becoming a truly digital society.


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eHealth – A revolution for Europe’s health systems?

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The topic of ehealth is attracting huge interest in Brussels amongst policymakers, stakeholders, think tanks…. Basically our Brussels’ bubble.

First of all – what is it? A good definition seems “the application of information and communications technologies in the health sector”.

Secondly, will it transform European healthcare system in the long term? In a two pager, posted on our FH website, we have tried to outline its benefits and the barriers that have still to be overcome if we want ehealth to flourish.



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Digital association decides to go digital

Our eagled eyed ICT team member Magnus Norman spots that EICTA, “the voice of digital technology in Europe” has decided to join the growing ranks of the Brussels trade association blogging community. Given their sector; about time some may say.

Announced on the EICTA website, Digital Advocacy Europe was launched earlier today. Unlike the pesticides information blog, it appears that the blog’s purpose is has an internal objective of cutting down on the large number of emails Director General Mark MacGann generates. In any case, it may have been wise to get into the groove of making a few posts before heraldling it to the prying eyes of Brussels’ ever vigilant consultants.

Having said this, we like Mark’s tone and the fact that in one day and one post he’s already managed to gather a number of comments from his membership. In itself, not a bad start to any blog – we are still trying to get our own posts/comments strike rate up – please comment readers, please….just say anything…it need not be intelligent (look at our posts…)

We look forward to seeing the Digital Advocacy Europe blog grow. It seems a natural place for an association such as EICTA to drive their message on all issues affecting their industry. As the blog grows, we hope Magnus and team will do the decent thing and update their top 7 blogs from the sector to include it. Perhaps with a few more from the sector, they could make it to ten.

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The magnificent 7 of EU Tech Blogs

We have been a little quiet on the blogging front in the last few weeks as we have a quite a few projects on the boil at present. Thankfully, some of these projects involve using some of the tactics and tools we have been discussing here in recent months and weeks. After we have finished the said projects, we hope to be able to share the non-confidential parts of what has been keeping us away in much the same way our lovely London colleagues have done.

In the meantime, colleagues have continued the trend of looking at blogs relating to EU policy issues. This time it’s our tech team, led by our very own Teresa Calvano, who have come up with their own magnificent 7 of EU tech blogs. We pleaded for a top ten, but to no avail. As TC points out, it’s about quality rather than quantity. A maxim most agencies would be happy to take as their own.

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