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The EV born again

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It may be one too many glasses of champagne at this evening’s launch event at the Residence Palace, but we kind of like the new look European Voice paper and website. It’s at the very least a decent facelift for our favourite trade paper. The website has more than a hint of the Guardian Unlimited about it, but to be fair why reinvent the wheel. Especially if it’s a wheel that gets nominated for awards.

A slightly geeky web designer bloke (who we work with and love) pointed out that the “bevelled menu bar” is innovative in web design terms, which we take as a compliment as he did not design it. We were more interested that Tim and team are promising updates on the news as “we make it” (i.e. daily rather than every Thursday, assuming your EV is actually delivered on time) as well as policy sections featuring archived content. We also like the fact they’ve included a blog, something their parent publication has been pushing to good effect. It may get us actually reading the EV, rather than looking at who’s advertising in it!

As usual, the event was a great opportunity to meet competitors, talk shop and cringe at the back through Tim King’s somewhat laboured jokes. Thankfully there were some interesting people to talk to (other than ourselves), cute pics of a new born baby (that of the EV editor) and a decent band.

In any case, a good rebirth and a decent bash. Well done, EV team.

One question that occurs at the end of this post – why does the EPP insist on spending its money advertising to Brussels based lobbyists and communications people? After all, they must be the main audience for the EV’s website and paper. A subject for another post perhaps.

April 9, 2008 at 10:00 pm 4 comments

Re-designing the Rag – a new entrant from the old media

An invite to the relaunch event for the European Voice dropped into the inbox this afternoon. It seems they are doing some major renovation works on this venerable Brussels public affairs trade publication/institution. The question remains whether it shall just be a clean of the facade or a gutting of the entire building.

The latter seems more likely. While we’ve seen nothing, rumour has it that the accompanying website refit will move the European Voice site to an all bells and whistles EU information portal. You may have noted that they have already introduced a policy voices section to their current somewhat jaded looking site, moving them somewhat in this direction.

Of course, Euractiv has been stealing much of the online thunder in this space and it is no surprise that the folks at the Economist group are feeling a little bit old media. The Entre Nous column has lost much of its appeal (too much institutional stuff, not enough gossip) and the reporting of institutional events is now quicker (and with links) on Euractiv’s site. In terms of editorial comment, the just as venerable FT gives a far better account of itself in the paper and in their correspondents’ Brussels blog.

So let’s hope the online changes do the EV justice and give other online platforms a run for their money due to the quality of their reporting and analysis. We look forward to seeing it unveiled over several glasses of champagne at the reception.

March 27, 2008 at 7:10 pm 1 comment

Clegg and Huhne still friends, at least on Facebook

After a bout of political car crash TV on yesterday’s The Politics Show (BBC), a quick and dirty scan through the listings on Facebook reveals that former UK MEPs Chris Huhne and Nick Clegg are still friends.  The Guardian speculates wildly today that whoever loses the UK Liberal leadership election campaign is not likely to find themselves on the Lib Dem front bench… If you like road kill, you can watch it again here.

Elsewhere in the world of Facebook, our weekend reading (sad, we know) of the European Voice spots a small article on the prevalence of MEPs on the social networking platform. Something regular visitors will know we have been keen on for a while. They highlight three MEPs with Facebook profiles, with due respect to political balance of course.

  • UK PES member Claude Moraes (London) has a current tally of 386 friends.
  • UK ALDE member Sajjad Karim (North-West England) has a current tally of 114, which includes former Lib Dem leader Ming Campbell MP, further evidence perhaps that Facebook is reaching out to older generations. He also is friends with Graham Watson MEP, which prompts the age old question of what to do when your boss asks you to become his friend?
  • However, Swedish EPP member Christopher Fjellner wins in both quantity and quality of friends. His current tally of 628 friends is higher than the other two and it also appears to be stock full of an amazingly high percentage of attractive young professionals.

Finally, the European Voice suggests that one can contact both the Commission and Parliament Presidents by giving them a quick “poke” via Facebook, while underlining that their current profiles appear to be spoofs. Note to EV journalist – before “poking” a politician to see if they have received your latest request for an interview you may want to check this group out. In future, may we suggest using the Xme application to make sure that what you want to say is what is understood.

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