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More EU “web streaming services”

In our excitement about Europarl TV, we missed the re-launch of the EPP-ED internet video station at It is a slick new platform.

As the EPP-ED points out in its press release, “EPP-ED TV first broadcast via the internet in June 2007”, making it the old man on the block as it just beat the Commission’s EUTube out of the blocks.

The Socialists and ALDE group have not progressed from providing the infrequent link to a YouTube video of an MEP’s speech or a scintillating press conference.

The Commission’s EU Tube continues to churn out slightly humorous, professionally-produced videos with racy-for-a-governmental-organisation sexual references. Last Wednesday, Make Love, Not CO2 joined the list. In just 33 seconds, one learns that turning off the TV when not in the room, taking showers instead of baths, towel-drying instead of blow-drying hair, covering pots with lids, riding bikes instead of driving SUVs, enjoying quiet candle-lit ambiance instead of blasting music leads to… a nice romantic dinner instead of a date leaving in frustration.

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September 22, 2008 at 6:22 pm 2 comments

Bridging the EU’s Communication Gap?

As we all know there are millions and millions of EU citizens out there that feel a deep and distressing sense of emptiness and detachment from the EU legislative machine. Such citizens are just gagging to learn about the enthralling political dealings that occur here in Brussels and (as soon as extra hard hats are provided) in Strasbourg.

I am pleased to announce that their wish will soon come true! Yes, Europarl TV, a new web streaming service that this former intrepid intern has talked about before, is going live on the 17th September after a short ceremony in the European Parliament hosted by Mr Pöttering himself (we did of course get an invite and will report on its proceedings). So get ready for a collective sigh of relief from all four corners of the EU next week as all those citizens flock to their nearest PC and tune in to ‘Rapporteur’s Questions Time’ where they can learn all about issues such as the placement of plant protection products on the market and listen to those inevitable witty comments from their favourite MEPs.

To be honest, your friendly digital blogger has had a look at the working site and to give credit where it’s due (in this case to Michael Shackleton and his team) the site looks very promising and includes four channels with a wide variety of programming that in theory could cater to most of the public and not just us EU geeks. Feedback from a sample of EU citizens also proved to be very positive. Digital outreach will always be encouraged on this blog so don’t forget to tune in next week!

Digital Dave

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September 11, 2008 at 2:36 pm 3 comments

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