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“Social media: what works & what doesn’t?” – FH workshop at the Public Affairs Action Day

We’re hosting a workshop as part of the Parliament Magazine’s Public Affairs Action Day (9 December at 11.45 in Brussels). It’s simply entitled “Social media – what works and what doesn’t?” and will look at addressing some of the following concerns:

  • Am I not exposing myself to needless criticism?
  • How can I really measure its effectiveness?
  • Will I be able to control the discussion on line?
  • Brussels is a tiny community. Can’t I just pick up the phone or meet people
    face to face?

We prefer to look at social media as an opportunity rather than a threat, so plenty of onus will be on the opportunities on offer to politicians, businesses, civil society and citizens to engage as equals, and how this is being reflected in the “real world” with examples from Brussels, the US and UK.  Our panel will feature a political communicator from FH in Washington DC, Head of Social Media for the Conservatives in the UK, and a Commission Official responsible for social media.

If you fancy coming, you can still register here for our session as well as the rest of the day’s festivities. If not, watch this space, as we’ll be posting some video footage from the event including highlights from the panel discussion and some snippets from attendees willing to speak up!

Steffen and Rosalyn

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How do you get a million readers for a trade association blog? Ask the Beltway Blogfather…

We’ve returned to the Old Continent this morning after an eventful couple of weeks elsewhere in the world (hence lack of posts); the last few days of which have been spent in Washington D.C. at our annual Global Public Affairs Practice meeting. The gathering, held this year in the second most famous hotel in the US capital, saw a great panel debate on the US presidential elections from some well-known D.C. insiders as well as a good slice of digital in the form of a panel of e-campaign strategists from both sides of the aisle in the current elections.

Some of the insights on offer in the digital panel can be caught on the blog of panellist David All, TechRepublican. It was interesting to note that the panelists sometimes find inspiration in the activities of European politicians online, such as Sarkozy, and face the same challenges in integrating digital into US politics as we find in intergrating digital into public affairs in Brussels. It seems that even in the US, convincing folk that digital can complement, enhance and sometimes be more effective than traditional offline activities can still be a challenge.

Chairing the blogger panel was FH DC’s Pat Cleary, SVP for digital public affairs or the “Beltway Blogfather” as he is apparently known. Meeting Pat you can’t help but be bowled over. He has experience and enthusiasm in equal bucket loads. Pat is the man behind, a blogging platform launched recently in D.C to some acclaim (Politico, ABC) for trade associations to express their views online.

Currently eleven associations are signed up (for free) with the only rule that the associations must post at least once a week. Pat is honest enough to admit that for some of those blogging the whole experience is like taking the first tentative step on the digital ladder. The trick, he feels, is to not get lost in wikis, blogs and social media but to concentrate on how these tools can drive the organisation’s message towards an organisation’s key audiences in an effective and efficient manner.

In any case, should you be taking those tentative steps, who else would you want at the bottom holding the ladder steady but Pat? He’s the man who in a previous life created a public policy blog for the (US) National Association of Manufacturers that hit a million readers after two years…it continues to this day (just without Pat).

Thankfully at the end of our meetings the FH Brussels team didn’t walk away from the Mayflower Hotel with nothing more than a room number plaque with the digits 871. We’ve convinced Pat to come over to Brussels in early May to share some of his experiences. Two events are in the pipeline; one aimed at Brussels based trade associations who may wish to learn from Pat’s experiences with the NAM and a second where Pat will appear on a panel with Brussels based decision-makers to reflect upon recently completed FH/Harris Interactive research into the way European citizens are using the internet to inform their political decisions. More information about the two (free to attend) events will follow here and on our FH Brussels corporate website in next couple of weeks.

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Britcham Blogging Event on 17 January

An interesting event from the folks at Britcham in January, as the “Britcham New Generation” host journo-bloggers Mark Mardell (BBC) and Jean Quatremer (Liberation) on the subject “How to communicate Europe: is blogging the way forward?” on 17 January. Registration can be made here.

Many of us have been involved with the New Generation for years. Despite now being decidedly older, we still attend for what are usually some great discussions with some interesting people over some not so great food. The informality of the events usually makes the evening. (We have eaten finger food while perched on a tiny end piece of a sofa with Commission spokespeople in the past.) We look forward to hearing the views of the two bloggers.

Interesting to note that Jean Quatremer will speak in French, which strikes us as slightly amusing given the audience. It is almost reminiscent of the time when the head of BusinessEurope (French) spoke in English at a Council meeting, prompting the then French President Chirac to walk out. Thankfully, we doubt any of the Britcham members will do the same, they are far too polite and have been forewarned in the invite. And of course many of those who attend are not actually British.

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